The Tenacity Journey

We’re the Tupper sisters, the co-founders of Tenacity. We believe that every woman has the right to find the perfect pair of denim jeans that make her feel comfortable and confident. The idea for Tenacity started when we went jeans shopping one day and nothing fit. 

As active females and former collegiate lacrosse players, we found ourselves struggling to find clothes that accommodated, let alone flattered, our athletic builds. With our own battle in the fitting room in mind, we developed a pair of denim jeans for women that truly fits. 

After years of searching for the right manufacturers, the perfect fit, and testing prototypes, we're proud to bring you Tenacity jeans. Finally, jeans for women and jeans for athletes that work with you and show off all your hard work.



Why Tenacity?

People ask us, "Why the name Tenacity?" Simply put, we wanted a bold name that really encompasses who we are as individuals and the lifestyles we lead. We were tenacious athletes and have carried that same work ethic into our careers. We also wanted a name that other fit females can relate to and carry that message on in their daily lives. 

Be tenacious, go out there, chase your dreams, embrace who you are. That's the Tenacity way. 


Tenacity Denim Jeans
Why Tenacity Jeans

Tenacity Co-Founders

Kiersten Tupper Co-founder of Tenacity

Kiersten Tupper

Kiersten is a co-founder of Tenacity, a school counselor, and coach. She received her bachelors and masters degrees at UConn where she also played lacrosse. If she is not working on the jeans, at school or coaching you will find her hanging out with her family and doing activities outside.

Karlyn Tupper Co-founder of Tenacity

Karlyn Tupper

Karlyn is a co-founder of Tenacity, a Marketing Brand Manager, and lacrosse coach. She received her bachelors degree from UConn where she also played lacrosse. When not working, you can find her boxing, spending time with family and friends, and chilling with her pup! 

Kendall Tupper Leclaire Co-founder of Tenacity

Kendall Tupper LeClaire

Kendall, co-founder of Tenacity, is an Event and Catering Director, former figure skater and coach. She received her degree from Cornell University where she played lacrosse and was vice president of the archery club. When she's not busy working, you can find her playing with her daughter and husband, being creative in her kitchen, hiking, or having a delicious glass of wine.


The Tenacity Journey