Happy National Take a Chance Day!


“Take a chance.”

A phrase I have historically struggled to apply to my daily life. If you tend to be a planner and have Type A tendencies as I do, the “take a chance” mindset can be a bit challenging...but it can also be liberating and exhilarating! I know I know, cliché, but here’s my take..

Everyone has their own identity, personality traits, tendencies, likes & dislikes, strengths & weaknesses, and anything else you’d like to add to this run-on sentence :) Point being that everyone’s foundation is comprised of something different and that’s what makes you, you. Our individual foundation is our core and is the vehicle that drives each one of us to grow, learn and take chances.  

Over the past few years, I worked in corporate. I was doing what was right for me at the time; I was in an environment that was safe and challenging, I had a steady income and a job that played to my strengths. At that time I was comfortable, but not content.

I recently made the decision to leave the corporate setting that I’d settled into post-college and take on something full of unknowns; operating a business. A brand new endeavor, consisting of unanswered questions, life-altering decisions, and unknown outcomes. This decision has been nothing short of a plethora of emotions, but for the first time this “take a chance” 1.0 moment in my life has been extremely rejuvenating. The vast amount of unknowns has refreshed my passion, hustle and focus.

So, take a chance on yourself today. Embrace what you know about yourself, as well as what you don’t know, and discover. No matter how big or small the chance, it might be exactly what you’re looking for, what you want or maybe even what you need.

Be your best self. Take a chance. Own it and crush it with tenacity.

Karlyn Tupper