Tenacity Jeans Offers Option for Active Females

With nearly half of women hating to clothes shop, especially for jeans, Tenacity Jeans takes on the challenge of women struggling to find jeans that fit their bodies by offering jeans for active women, designed by active women.

SYRACUSE, New York- March 4, 2018- Tenacity Jeans, created by three athletic sisters originally from upstate New York, is launching its new line of jeans for active women beginning March 18, 2018. As an ever growing population of women despise clothes shopping, due to the continual variations in sizing, (thank you vanity sizing), poor fit and overall frustration, Kendall LeClaire, Kiersten Waruch and Karlyn Tupper sought to change this. All three women are former college athletes, with a bevy of sports in their backgrounds including lacrosse, figure skating, boxing, weightlifting and soccer, have personal experience with the frustration that comes along with purchasing jeans. “We knew that there must be a better way,” said co-founder Kendall. “We wanted to create jeans for active women that took into account larger thighs, bigger butts and smaller waists; to combat those same issues that we have struggled with throughout our athletic careers and after. Our idea was jeans for active females, by active females.” Working with a design and patterning specialist in Connecticut, they were able to alter the proportions of the jeans to accommodate the target areas and help eliminate the dreaded waist or back gap. The sisters also decided that supply sourcing and production needed to be US based as well. “It is important to us to have our product ‘grown and sewn’ in the USA.” Tenacity has set out to make wearing jeans a confidence building and pleasurable experience once again.

Find them online at www.tenacityjeans.com or @tenacityjeans on Instagram.