“Made by active females for active females”...

This isn’t just a slogan, this is what we’re all about, ladies!


My sisters and I have been fit and active for the majority of our lives. Leading an active and healthy lifestyle has always been something we value.


Ya know what else we value? Being confident and feeling good about ourselves!


Something that we all struggled with growing up was finding a pair of jeans that comfortably fit, and flattered , our active build. With consistent workouts came bigger butts, larger quads, and smaller waists. Trying on pair after pair of unflattering jeans was nothing short of discouraging. Did anyone else avoid the dreadful “jeans shopping” day? We sure did!


SO, we’re here to tell you that those feelings you had on  “jeans shopping” day are a thing of the past. We have put in years of thought, effort, and persistence to bring you a high-quality, all USA-made denim jeans designed specifically for YOU.


Say hello to Tenacity.


The jeans designed specifically for active females...the jeans that are comfortable and versatile...the jeans that flatter your athletic build...and the jeans that have you feeling confident in what you’re wearing…


Say hello to the jeans that are just for you.


That’s enough from us though, what do some of our Tenacity ladies out there have to say about our jeans?!



“Talk about some assets”


Equestrian Rider & Boss Lady Blogger


“Perfect for big quads & booty and still snug around my waist”


University of Connecticut Field Hockey Alumni


“In love with my @tenacityjeans. Finally a pair of jeans that fit my athletic body”


University of Connecticut & USA Field Hockey Alumni


“Guys, I thought this day would never come...jeans that actually FIT athletic legs and contoured waistband that stays put”


Pro-Sledder & Olympic Bronze Medalist and World Champion

Karlyn Tupper