Our Mission 

Our mission is simple: your clothes should make you feel great.

We’re the Tupper sisters and the idea behind Tenacity Jeans started because we were tired of shopping for clothes that didn’t fit, let alone flatter, our athletic build.

Tenacity Jeans are designed with women’s bodies in mind. It’s time to show off, not stuff, our bigger butts and quads into jeans that actually fit. We believe what you wear say a lot about you. Tenacity Jeans were created for women who refuse to let traditional fashion standards hold them back.

Denim jeans for real women
I want women to feel good about their bodies in these jeans – that is our goal. That’s what success looks like for us, making them feel empowered and confident knowing that we designed these with them in mind.
— Kiersten Tupper, Tenacity Co-founder and Director of Operations
Tenacity Denim Jeans

bring out the best

We want to bring out the best in every woman.

From designing functional jeans with a feminine pocket to creating and keeping jobs in America, our goal is to make an impact for good in women’s lives.

You have a lot to offer. Our promise is to tenaciously pursue clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident in everything you do.


Tenacity Jeans are Grown and Sewn in the USA

Grown & Sewn in the USA

Plus, everything from the cotton to the design to the manufacturing happens right here in the USA. We're passionate about keeping jobs in America so every pair of jeans purchased helps support the local U.S. economy. 


Authentic Denim Blend

Tenacity jeans are made from our special denim blend with just the right amount of stretch for that perfect fit. They're not going to lose form throughout the day or fade. We specifically designed them to hug in all the right places to make you feel awesome about your curves, not embarrassed or ashamed of them.

Tenacity denim jeans for women